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The Business of Bartending or Bartending the Easy Way
materials fee includes:
The Business of Bartending Course Manual,
Recipe Flash Cards, Jigger,
Pour Spout, Cheat Sheet,
Certificates:  Professional Bartending Certificate
Serving Alcohol Responsibly Certification (if you pass test)
Master's Certificate of Excellence (if you receive a score of 90% or above)
You will receive all materials on the first day of class.
$50 (includes tax)
2 Pour Spouts
The Master Code of Mixology
course manual
144 colored pages
in a three-ring binder
Telephone:  (818) 396-5477
Recipe Flash Cards
West LA College
Chaffey College
LA City College
Palomar College
Citrus College
Irvine Valley College
Bar Management for the Professional
Professional Bar Management Course Manual, Certificate
Find Your Excellence
Workbook and Materials
$30 (plus tax, $2.70)
Lost Certificates
$5 per certificate reprint plus tax and shipping
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Optional Plastic Practice Bottles
Bar Bizz the business of hospitality
$5 each (plus tax, $0.45), 2 / $10 (plus tax, $0.90)
$20 (plus tax, $1.80)
*You will also need two
practice bottles.  If you
don't have your own, you
may purchase them below
(Optional Plastic Practice
Which Certificate?
Which school did you attend?
What date did you attend?
How many?
What school are you attending?
You will need two bottles to
practice the shot-pouring
exercises.  If you don't
have your own, you may
purchase these unbreakable
plastic bottles.  
What school are you attending?
What school are you attending?
What school are you attending?
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What school are you attending?
Turn Your Ideas into Cash
$10 (plus tax, $0.90)