Kellie Nicholson has been trained by the very best in the food/beverage and
hospitality businesses, including Marriott, Lettuce Entertain You, and The Levy
Restaurants. Having worked in all types of establishments from coast to coast
in the United States, with job titles including: general manager, beverage/bar
manager, head bartender, bartender, bartender/barback, waitress, cashier and
door host, her experience is unparalleled.

Kellie's company, Bar Bizz Consulting, staffs experts to help bars and restaurants
open for business. They have assisted establishments all over the Los Angeles
area, specializing in superior customer service and maximum revenues.  

As a life coach and business consultant, Kellie uses her knowledge to inspire and
motivate her clients to be the best.  She is also the producer of the live events, Road
to Hollywood
Pierce College
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Rio Hondo College
Santa Monica College
Golden West College
City College of San Francisco
LA Harbor College
San Joaquin Delta College
El Camino College
Riverside Community College
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Ask your bartender
for a shot of

Nobleza Tequila.
*Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Professional Certificate for Bartending and those who
score 90% or above on the quizzes will earn the Master’s Certificate of Excellence.  This course also
includes additional training and testing for Serving Alcohol Responsibly.
Bar Bizz the business of hospitality
Nobleza Tequila
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So, you wanna be a bartender...
A Bartending Certificate is not enough.
Your training and performance are what
managers consider when hiring bartenders.

Job Placement "Assistance"
is not the promise of a job.
Better Training, Better Skills, Better Performance
are what managers look for.
Kellie Nicholson uses her experience
as a bartender
and a manager to teach you
what most bartending courses miss.
These exceptional courses will prepare you to work as a bartender in all types of establishments, while
also teaching you the business side of the beverage industry.  Setting beverage industry standards,
Kellie Nicholson uses her branded method of instruction, the
“Master Code of Mixology™.”  This
practical and effective system of training is sweeping the industry and updating old ways of thinking.  
Professional bartending requires so much more than knowing how to put ice in a glass and adding the
proper ingredients.  

This class will prepare you to be a great salesperson, a customer service expert and an honest and
valuable employee, skills that will help you succeed in the real world of bartending and throughout life.  
The lessons taught are extremely beneficial to managers, waitresses and novice bartenders, also.

The Business of Bartending* will leave you with a thorough understanding of how the bar business works,
the ethics of serving cocktails and a common sense approach to bartending.  Though liquor is not used in
class, you will be taught in detail how to practice making cocktails on your own.  Other topics included are
glassware, tools, recipes, pouring the perfect shot using the “tail,” bar terms, wine and champagne service,
martinis, high-volume sales techniques, laws, responsible beverage service, job interviews and resumes.  
Additionally, this course will teach you to start your own bartending service and also alternative ways to
make money in the beverage industry.  
What do you buy for the person who has everything?
Entrance into the
Billionaire Bartenders Club!
This fun bartending course is designed
for the man or woman who is fascinated
with the world of cocktails, but not for
the purpose of employment.  
This online course is all about fun!

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Billionaire Bartenders Club sample lesson


*You will receive a gift certificate with log in
information to begin the course within 24 hours.
When life gives you lemons,
make a margarita!
Home Course
Before you open your bar, take this course!  
Save time and money when you take this course that will
reveal what you need to know in an organized,
comprehensive format that can get you on your way to
operating a successful business in a week!  Don't be
foolish and rely on your staff, your friends or
your customers for advice.  Ask the professionals!

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