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Layered Cocktails
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To layer or float alcohol you must pour the heaviest liquor
on the bottom, then, using a spoon, pour each additional layer
on top of the last layer.  Turn the spoon over and rest it on the
inside of the glass.  Then, slowly pour the liquor over the
bottom of the spoon.  This should create a layer.

You could also use the swirled handle of a bar spoon.  Put the
tip of the handle of the spoon slightly in the liquor, then pour
the next layer of liquor down the handle.  This will also cause a
layering affect.

If you are floating a liquor on top of a drink that has ice, then
simply add the floater liquor last on top of the drink that has
been mixed over ice.  The ice will keep it on top, so there’s no
need to use the spoon.

Keep in mind that if you are layering alcohol, you must know
the gravity of each, putting the heaviest on the bottom.  This
is time-consuming and though it makes beautiful cocktails, they
are usually not chilled and not always very tasty.  The better
option might be to make a fancy cocktail that will inspire repeat

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