Bar Etiquette for Patrons
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Bartending is a job that requires special skills,  which include  patience with snotty  and rude customers,  the ability to
multi-task,  proficiency  at  handling  large  sums  of  money,  memorization  of hundreds of recipes,  and the physical
stamina  to  endure  intense  bursts  of  physical  labor.   Most do not see the work involved before opening and after  
closing and do not realize the sacrifices of working the atypical time schedule.  Additionally, many bar patrons do not
understand that bartenders are not only bound by  rules and policies  of the establishment,  but  also  by  laws of the
state.  Please remember these guidelines when you are a guest at your favorite bar, restaurant or nightclub:
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If you can't say it, you can't have it-this refers to a law that forbids servers from giving alcohol to anyone
who displays signs of “obvious intoxication.”
If you order, you pay-the person who places the order is responsible for paying the bill.
If you don't tip, then you wait-when a bartender is swamped with patrons demanding cocktails, then
those who have tipped nicely will be served first.
If you are rude, expect to be treated rudely-figure it out.
If you call for the bartender, then be ready to order-it is very rude to call for your bartender, then
expect other patrons to wait while you and your party decide what you would like to order.
If you tip nicely, expect great service, not free cocktails-expecting free cocktails is putting the
bartender in a position of stealing from their employer.
If you eat from the fruit tray, expect to get your hand slapped-the drink garnishes are not your
hors d'ouerves.
If you spill your drink, expect to pay for another one-furthermore, if you spill another customer's
cocktail, you should pay for that one.
If you want special treatment, tip accordingly-bartending is not charity work, you get what you pay for.  
Don't even bother to use the argument that bartenders get paid minimum wage, because you will be
laughed into the pits of shame!
If you are a guest, remember that you must follow the rules-as a guest, you are obligated to follow
the rules and policies of the house-if you want to make the rules, then buy your own bar.
If you are a paying customer, then you are always right-ONLY when it applies to your cocktail, as
you have every right to receive exactly what you paid for.  
f you are a paying customer, you do not have the right to be rude-no matter how much money you
have spent or tipped, you don't have any right to insult employees and other patrons.
If you can't afford the drink, then buy your own liquor and serve yourself at home-prices are not
negotiable, so if you think a bar charges too much for the alcohol, that means you can't afford the place,
so you should go elsewhere.  They don't want you!  That's why they charge such high prices-to keep people
who can't afford it out!
If you can't afford the tip, then stay home-it is not your right to take advantage of an outdated, unfair
system of payment.  The tipping system assumes that most people have class, but those who don't, wave
a red flag when tipping poorly or not at all.  **If the bartender comments about a poor tip, the bad tipper is
the rude one, NOT the bartender, who is only trying to make an honest living and expects to be paid for
their work, just like everyone else!
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